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Facilitating internal grievance, retrenchments & strikes management

Dealing with difficult and sometimes tricky situations like these require additional reinforcement. This is where we come in. We strive to calm these troubled waters and ensure a fair and amicable resolution is achieved.

Investigation & Initiation of Disciplinary Proceedings

Our clients also have the option of appointing one of our professionally trained advisors as Initiators for those complex cases which require comprehensive investigation and specialist initiating in disciplinary proceedings.

Staff Recruitment Vetting

We understand the laborious tasks associated with recruitment, particularly with vetting and shortlisting. We therefore offer our services in vetting/ screening all incumbents and supplying a shortlist of candidates for further consideration.

Affirmative Action Act Compliance

According to the relevant legislation a “Relevant Employer” is defined as an Employer who employs more than 25 employees. Such employers should comply with the provisions of the Act. We therefore offer our expert services in ensuring that our clients comply with the legislative provisions and we will chair Employment Equity Committee (EEC) meetings, compile the annual report and submit it on our client`s behalf.

Chairing of Internal Disciplinary Actions

Our clients will be assisted by one of our legally trained advisors/chairpersons to ensure that a fair and efficient disciplinary process is followed. The designated chairperson will offer his/her expert judgment and make an informed recommendation to the client on the most appropriate disciplinary action.

Assistance with Wage Negotiations

One of our advisors will assist our clients with facilitating wage negotiations with bargaining agents (i.e Trade Unions) and/or Workplace Representative Councils. We work in accordance with given mandates and work relentlessly to reach an agreement suitable for the client.

Drafting & Compilation of Board Packs and Board Minutes

Specifically designed for our corporate clients, we bring you the trusted and discreet services of compiling board minutes as well as the drafting and compilation of board packs.

Attending to Appeal Procedures

Our expert advisors would assist our clients with appeal procedures such as an appeal hearing or an appeal review. However, only if we were not involved in the initial disciplinary actions taken.

Employee Training

Our training consultants specialize in providing training for staff members. Our current training programs include Initiator`s Training, Customer Service Training, Junior Management Training and How to Negotiate.

Conciliations & Arbitrations

We specialize in assisting our clients with expert representation at the Labour Commissioner`s Office.

Drafting of internal company policies & employment contracts

We ensure that our client`s employment contracts and all internal policies are accurate and in line with applicable legislation.

Labour Law Legislative Compliance

We work diligently to ensure that our clients comply with all legislative requirements in the labour law sphere.

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