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Royal Kids Private School

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Our Vision

Creating our Children’s Future, Modeling Excellence!

Royal Kids Private School is a Government Approved School. With the main aim to nurture young Namibian’s interest in learning.

Finding the right fit for your child; they need an even balance of education, security and love!

We have carefully created classes and lessons, designed to teach essential skills and we offer a variety of extra murals.

Primary School


Extra Activities


Creating our Children’s Future, Modeling Excellence! A quality education is the best gift you can ever give your child. Download our application form below:

Why Choose Us


Creative classrooms, interactive toys, availability of natural lighting, and proper ventilation.

Certified Tutors

Qualified educators that have a greater understanding of child development.

Small Class Size

More individual attention, increased participation, and better communication.

Infant Care

Our infant caregivers help with any of your infant care needs.

Safety First

We have a harmonious environment where learners are not discriminated against.


Children learn important skills such as discipline, teamwork, leadership and problem-solving.