We are registered under Nta and accredited by NQA

Ngato Vocational Training Centre is a private vocational educational and training institution aimed at providing vocational education and training, skills, knowledge and attitudes to mainly the youth, (grade 10/11 & 12 failures), orphans and vulnerable, marginalised and previously disadvantaged Namibian. The main idea is to give the youth industrial driven marketable skills that will anable them to acquire (get) employment or them to stand on their own feet (self-emplyment). Since one of the contributing factor to the high unemployment rate is the lack of qualified personnel (skilled worker). Our priority is to createa a difference in the life of Namibian youth by providing a real solution to a real problem and to teach them hoe to fish rather than to recive fish.

Ngato VTC was founded by Mr Fernando JK in 2012. It grew oout of an identified need for skills training based on positive feedback from trainees at other VTCs who were on job attachment with his company, Ngato Renovation and Metal Work (ets 2004).

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Registered with relevant authorities in the education and training industry including Ministry of Finance and Social Security Commission.

To help individuals and their dependents improve their standards of living by acquiring NVTC’s training in the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to compete in the job market; to teach our students how to fish rather than giving them the fish.

Championing participation in society by all citizens through the provision of high-quality, inclusive education to those with disabilities, traditionally marginalized group and Namibia youth at large.

Our mission aligns Visions 2030 and HPP to create self-employment opportunities for those who are not in the general employment market industry

Preseverance, Trust, Respect, Harvest

Due to the rise of skills shortage and unemployment. We wish to empower youth to achieve employment or self-employment.

Popular Courses


Electrical Engineering

This course aims to provide students with training in various aspects of electrical general.

  • Course duration : 3 Yr
  • Level : One - Three

Nursing Certificate

Nurses practice in a range of settings, including hospitals, community clinics, industry, the military, private practices

  • Course duration : 3 Yr
  • Level : One

Tutorial classes

This is designed for those who wish to improve their Grade 11 or Grade 12 NSSCO subjects. We offer daily and weekend classes in order to conveniently cater for everyone from all walks of life.

  • Course duration : 1 Yr
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